• G&L CLF Research L-1000 S750 - Natural

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The new L•1000 Series 750 is the latest G&L five string bass featuring 19mm string spacing at the bridge, just like Leo Fender’s four-string basses. Series 750 refers to an SAE measurement of “three-quarter-inch” string spacing: 3/4″ = 0.750″ = 19.03mm = nineteen millimeters.

L•1000 Series 750 is the “Widebody Wunkay” built with G&L’s “Wide 5” Saddle Lock bridge plate that houses five of the very same saddles used on G&L four-string basses. That extra space is neatly packed into a curvaceous new body drawing on classic Fender Avenue forms. A new MFD humbucker has been modified for its largest footprint ever, but special care was taken to ensure harmonic fidelity while capturing deep B-string energy.

The “Widebody Wunkay” is a fresh model yet classic Fender Avenue details are everywhere. The graceful early CLF/G&L headstock flows into a slim, rounded neck profile supported by a true dual-action truss rod and twin graphite reinforcement rods. Authentic 1980 cues continue with chunky CLF machined knobs, sweeping control plate, and three-position mini-toggle switch for coil control including the famous L•1000 “OMG” mode.